A complete analysis of your lifestyle and body will reveal your Ayurvedic personality and indicate which massage or therapy is necessary for you.

Duration: 1 Hour       €85


What is it and how is it ?

The consultation lasts 1hour and include a complete balancesheet that will reveal your Ayurvedic personnality and will indicate which therapy suits you the best at the moment and is the most adapted to your most important health and wellness needs at a first step.

You’re going back with a complete detailed guideline that aims to bring back the balance in your Unique Physical, Mental and Spiritual Personnality. This guide respects your habits and nature and is to be adopted by you at your own pace.


What is the benefit of the consultation?

It gives you clear answers about your present health condition, practical advices and precise indications according to Ayurveda principles to adopt the diet & lifestyle habits that correspond to your unique inner functions, initiate a wellness approach of living without changing your habits but slowly and progressively to balance them with the needs of your Real Self.

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