Anti Cavity Clove Oil Toothpaste, 80/150 gm

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Anti Cavity Clove Oil Toothpaste, 80/150 gm


Lever ayush Anti Cavity Clove Oil Toothpaste is formulated with 5000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom. It contains the curative properties of clove oil that relieves toothache and dasanakanthi choornam that keeps gums healthy.

Natural Benefits:

  • Anti cavity

Key Ingredients:

Clove Oil – Known for centuries as a powerful solution for dental care. Its powerful antibacterial quality relieves toothache and spicy aroma imparts fresh breath.

Dasanakanthi Choornam – Is an Ayurvedic medicine known to strengthen teeth and gums naturally. It is prescribed to treat bleeding gums, tooth ache and dental caries.


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