Mirabaï Lascombes

Serving humanity with the practice of Ayurveda, the Eternal Science of Body, Mind and Soul !

Who am I ?

The wisdom of Ayurveda is deep and eternal. Ayurveda has been dealing with the mind, body and soul for milleniums and it is thanks to advances in natural and holistic healing that Ayurveda has recently been “re-discovered”. The diligent efforts and dedication of practitioners in Ayurveda should allow this method of natural healing to regain the recognition it deserves

My name is Mirabaï and I come from France. Since childhood I have been traveling in India and that is how i became passionate about Ayurvedic Medicine. I aim to make you discover the most ancient and classical knowledge on health in an easy and understanding modernized and practical way so that you can get the best of it in your daily routine and re-connect with your inner-self !

This intents to serve you and the divine you as well as your precious health and well-being and thus bring my contribution to Human kind.

“Health is the most precious gift,

Gratefulness, the greatest Wealth,

Loyalty, the best relation”

I have been living in Luxembourg since January 2017 and i aim to continue serving humanity with the practice of Ayurveda, the Eternal Science of body, mind and soul. Over the years that I have been practicing Ayurveda, it has been continuously surprising me with its endless knowledge, Wisdom and Potency to slowly but surely bring the individual to lead a more holistic way of life in tune with the real Self.

I am grateful to be working with renowned doctors (Vaidyas) who have continuously guided and supported me all along the way on my own Spiritual and Self healing journey. Their guidance and attention have helped me finding the best therapeutic solutions for my patients over the years.

I welcome you to a warm, listening and non-judgmental place to perform together:

  • A complete Assessment that will reveal your Ayurvedic personality and indicate which therapy best suits you and best suits your most important health needs at first. This Assessment lasts 1H and can follow according to your need with :
  • A Massage of your choice and the duration of your choice
  • A Therapy of your choice and the duration of your choice

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email, I will be happy to give you more information!
Mirabaï Lascombes, Ayurveda Therapeute

I started my Ayurveda Journey in 2012. Since then, I have been learning and practicing various facets and techniques of ayurveda from renowned teaching centers in India and France.

I’m proficient in Ayurvedic Therapies, Medicine and Nutrition and have clients and teachers from across over the world.

Ayurveda for Therapy and Beauty


Ayurveda Medicine Certificate

Feb 2012 – Anjali Center, Kerala, India

Oct 2015 – Jiva Institute, Faridabad, India


Ayurveda & Panchakarma Certificate

March-April 2012 – Anjali Center, Kerala, India


Ayurveda Beauty Therapy

May-Jun 2012 – Anjali Center, Kerala, India

Ayurveda for Health & Nutrition


Ayurvedic Medicine and Nutrition

Oct 2014 – Sept 2015 Terre du Ciel, France


Consultations in my cabinet

2015-2016 : Dijon, France


Yoga and Ayurveda Marmas Therapy Workshop

Mar 2018 : Arogya Ashram, Himalayas, India


Clinic Training

Feb 2018 – Nanu Resort, Goa, India


Cooking & Travel

“With the wrong diet, Medicine is of no use;

With the right diet, Medicine is of no need”.

Don’t hesitate to visit the Cooking & Travel section as I plan to go deeper in the Ayurvedic experience with elements of Food, Cooking and Travel experiences. I plan a journey to bring you halfway around the world where you could discover the Wonders of its Authenticity.